G.RIDE is a young French brand.

Inspired by street culture, our brand is aimed at teens and young urban adults who know what they want.
Since its launch in our Paris showroom, our brand has become a success story thanks to its cutting edge styling and its excellent
quality at competitive prices. 

G.RIDE appeals to those who like adventure and surprises. 
The daily routine? Maybe, but always ready for the unexpected, the sudden impulse or the extra-ordinary adventure.

Our bags will share your journeys and your life... Bags for everyday and much more ...

G.RIDE comes into four distinctive ranges:

G-rideThe original brand, where it all started
From concept to bag, G.RIDE creations encapsulate all the best in materials,
colours and the latest designs.

G-rideFrench Me by G.ride
A vintage high quality brand made in our French workshops.

A new collection is designed each year and then complemented by capsule collections with further distinctive designs throughout
the season.
Our Paris-based design team are immersed by the latest trends and are able to offer quality bags with a unique identity.
To further develop our international profile we also have a team of 10 based in Hong Kong.
Our team of 40 in China supervises every stage of production and ensures that quality and standards, as well as all of our G-RIDE
clients’ requirements are constantly met.
We are also proud to work with the charity ‘Notre Dame de l’Assomption’ helping children in Africa, by donating our products regularly.

Our commitments
2013 : Creation of the G.ride brand

2014 : Launching of the brand at the ISPO MUNICH exhibition

2015 : Creation of the collection French Me (Made in France)

2017 : First Vegan bags

G.ride in a nutshell:

A young and dynamic team
A show room in the very heart of paris
A dynamic sample room in Xiamen, China
Litres of strong coffee
A huge amount of chocolate !

G.ride. All rights reserved. G.ride and our logos are registered trademarks of Bagtrotter company. G.ride JAPAN is given the support from Bagtrotter.